BPO Wood Carving


Art has played a dominant role in my life since a very early age. With ongoing support from my friends and family, I’ve seldom had doubts about my abilities. The following is a brief look at my prior education and artistic influences.

I attended the Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, CO, from first through twelfth grades. Waldorf schooling strongly emphasizes creative hands-on learning, independent thinking, and a supportive community. There, I got my first taste of wood carving, painting, form drawing, wax and clay sculpting and many other forms of art. In high school, my talented art teachers inspired and motivated me to move on with my artistic pursuits. During my senior year, we collectively took on stone carving. I learned a lot from observing others’ tactics and approaches to the project. I became more aware of the processes of art, and carried my interests on to my college classes. Ultimately, art became a deeply ingrained part of my identity early on.

My roots lie in Switzerland. Both of my parents immigrated to the states separately, Colorado specifically, in the late 1970’s in search of opportunity and adventure. They found both, as well as each other, leaving my sister and I with a lot of Swiss tradition growing up. This allowed America to be fresh and new to us, and our parents. It still is to this day. There are several artists actively persuing careers in my bloodlines. I studied briefly under one; my uncle Walter Odermatt. His ice-carving business is located in Houston, Texas. Under his instruction, I began to develop an artistic competence and decisiveness. Ice carving is a fast paced process; ice melts all too quickly when you’re working on it. After a few inspiring summers working with him, as well as successfully completing high school, I moved to Alamosa, CO, to attend Adams State College in the fall of 1999. Here, I was privileged to study under and next to many extraordinary artists. The geography and environment were both conducive to my learning. Through many great risks, adventures, struggles, and successes, I persevered and graduated four years later with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in painting, and two minors in both philosophy and business.

After natural financial struggles with an art degree, my artistic ambitions lead me to Bozeman, Montana. There, I worked with a skilled fine furniture builder and started exploring the many ways I could contribute to home furnishings. After tremendous improvements and growth, I still found myself in financial hardship, which brought on my next endeavor. I found employment at a local bronze foundry as a welder and metal chaser. Assembling and repairing fine bronze sculptures helped refine my skills and further develop my attention to detail. I worked exclusively on other artist’s sculptures at the foundry, which proved beneficial in my personal growth. After only six intense months at the foundry, I returned to Colorado based on personal and family related motives.

My current artistic pursuits have grown into a combination of wood carving and painting. Currently, I work independently from my studio in Westminster, Colorado. I improve and learn from each project, whether it’s my own concept or a custom request. On custom orders, I strive to pick up on the client’s both clear and subtle desires.

My future plans include steady production and ever-changing development of fine carvings, and expanding my education to graduate school and beyond, as finance allows. Teaching also remains a strong but distant goal.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or comments; I plan on developing a Q & A page as the web site grows.