BPO Wood Carving

Wooden Roots Wooden Fruits

 This unique Art Show will feature over a decade of Brian’s artistic efforts. He strives to bring out woods natural beauty and subtle nuance. He utilizes gnarly driftwood, clean cured lumber, exotic hardwoods, and recycled wood. He works in all wood types, and simply adjusts his approach based on the woods characteristics. His pieces are based in honoring natural beauty. They feature wildlife, sports, fish, flowers, beautiful locations and emotion.  Wooden jewelry, relief carvings, wall mounted and free standing sculptures will be displayed and available. He will do carving demonstrations featuring hand tools and power tools on both Saturday and Sunday.

 Brian’s limited edition Rainbow Trout Solar Lights and mushroom lights will be available at a special show price while supplies last. These color changing solar lights are cast by hand in Brian’s home and created from his original wood carvings. The rubber molds and process will also be on display.

 Brian has been growing and sharing fancy tomato and pepper plants for the last twelve years. He collects his own seeds allowing plants to acclimate to our region. He nurses these babies to health over three months to joyfully give them away. Gardening helps people in many ways, from appreciating natural processes, to recognizing subtle detail, and gaining a sense of reward in effort.  Brian has roughly 30 varieties of tomato and 20 varieties of pepper currently growing for this show. He will bring in a third of the plants everyday of the show.

 This is a family friendly art show with several educational displays and learning opportunities. Brian Odermatt as the middle school woodwork teacher hopes to inspire the youth and expand their understanding of what ART and woodwork means to him.


Miners Creek
Carved in Bass Wood

Eagles Nest
Burned in Curly Bass Wood

Musical Tribute
Carved in Alder Wood

Denver Dog 
Carved in Bass Wood

Floral Restoration
Carved in Blue Pine

Dove Door - Based on Bernini Window
Carved in Select Alder

Tropical Green Man
Carved in Hawaiian Cody Koa

Headboard - Trout Scene
Carved in Blue Pine
Bed built by Medicine Wolf - Denver, CO.

Custom Big Horn Carving
Carved on Site in Natural Pine

Traditional Fish Carving 
Walnut Wood

Colorado Front Range - Peaks and Prairie 


Horse Portrait Desk Panel  
Alderwood (unstained)


Angry Bear Door 


Colorado Snowboarder
Mixed Media


Native Chief

Wood Type: Cottonwood Bark